If you’re looking for the right life partner

The 1Love Process for small groups is designed to help you

  • Identify and break free of your previous relationship patterns (especially the unhealthy ones)

  • Discover what you truly need in a partner and in a relationship

  • Identify your unique relationship gifts and feel high self-confidence

  • Release the disappointment and worry about being single

  • Guide you on dating, understanding men and relationship skills needed for lifelong love

  • Experience the 1Love process in a group of supportive women who are on the same journey as you to find love

If you want to reduce stress and increase confidence:

Groups: 90 minute or 120 minute workshops in which you will:

  • Learn Progressive Energy Field Tapping, an advanced technique that combines acupressure and modern psychology to effectively reduce stress

  • Learn how to use tapping to reduce your daily stress and anxiety and to develop high confidence

  • Receive a group tapping session based on a current topic of the group’s choice

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