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Maria Spears works with women who want to find their soulmate.  Even though they’re accomplished in every other area of their life, they’re frustrated because they don’t yet have a partner to share their life.  What they want is to stop wasting time or settling for being single and finally have the extraordinary relationship they’ve always imagined. 


The transformational process Maria developed is based on her extensive training in the fields of professional coaching, EFT/Tapping, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, psychology, her experience coaching hundreds of women and men to overcome blocks to the love and the life they want, over 20 years of research and the steps she took to overcome heartache from divorce and a lifetime of unhappy relationships.


Maria leads seminars and workshops that help participants identify the relationship patterns and mindset blocks that prevent them from attracting their ideal partner and teaches the essential steps needed to find a soulmate.  Her mission is to create more love in the world 2 hearts at a time.


She lives in the Chicago metro area and volunteers with organizations that provide services to women going through divorce, surviving domestic violence and cancer. 

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