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Speaking - Past and upcoming speaking engagements,
seminars and workshops:

• New Year, New Love, BeOptimal Holistic Health Center, January 26, 2020

• Finding Love in a Pandemic, The Ellevate Network, August 19, 2020

• The 4 Steps to Finding Love, Girl Gone International, December 12, 2020

• Finding True love in 2021, Yoga Body Elements Studio Winter Solstice Event, December 19, 2020

• Don’t Settle!  How to Find Your Soulmate, Covid’s Cure Love Summit, February 2021

• About Your Love Map and Partner Picker, Unlock Secrets of Love Summit, March 28, 2021

• How to Attract Your Soulmate with a Magnetic Mindset, The Ellevate Network, June 16, 2021

• How to Find True Love at Any Age, Without Wasting Time or Settling for Being Single, The Transitions Network, Santa Fe Chapter, July 13, 2021

Coming soon…

Attracting a Soulmate virtual workshop with Infinity Foundation, October 4, 2021, Registration at https://www.infinityfoundation.org/attracting-a-soulmate

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