If you’re looking for the right life partner?

The 1Love Package is a private intensive 1-on-1 process with me over 16 sessions designed to help you:

  • Identify and break free of your previous relationship patterns (especially the unhealthy ones)

  • Release the disappointment about the past and the worry about being single

  • Discover what you truly need in a partner and in a relationship

  • Discover your unique relationship gifts and superpowers

  • Deeply love yourself and feel high self-confidence

  • Reset your heart guidance system (your heart GPS) based on your New Love Map

  • Set yourself up to find the best possible partner and the love you deserve

  • Date and live life as your authentic self and find a partner who is looking for exactly what you offer

  • Enter relationships with high quality people

  • Guide you on dating and relationship skills needed for a happy lifelong love

  • Save valuable time, energy and avoid future heartache

I invite you to schedule a confidential complimentary Discover Your Love Map session to begin on a new path to find your soulmate. 

If you’re looking to follow your heart and dreams to express the authentic you in the world:

The Dream Catcher 8-Session Package will help you to:

  • Remove blocks that are keeping you stuck and move forward

  • Develop a plan to achieve your dream

  • Express your authentic self in your life

  • Shift your mindset to excitement, joy and confidence about your future

Services I offer for learning to use Tapping/Progressive Energy Field Tapping for addressing a variety of concerns and issues:

Private 1-on-1: 120 minute session and instruction in which you will:

  • Receive a personalized tapping session based on a current topic of your choice

  • Learn an advanced form of tapping/EFT

  • And how to use tapping to reduce daily stress and anxiety and to develop high confidence

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