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When we met, I was tired of being alone and wanted to find a partner, someone for all the ups and downs of life.  I wanted to find someone who was emotionally mature for a complete relationship, but could not find suitable partners.

The dating apps and introductions to men from people I know weren’t working. In the very 1st process we did together I was able to identify the same old relationship patterns I was reliving that I needed to unlearn. Then I rebuilt my new love map for finding love.


I learned to go beneath the surface with men and stopped trying to make things work.  I was able to manifest this healthy, mature man for the true and equal partnership I wanted. 


Now I feel joy and completeness.

I'm relaxed and am vulnerable with him.

I allow him to care for me and am getting used to not being in charge all the time. 


I’m so grateful to have this amazing man by my side and look forward to living the complete life I’ve always wanted.

Cheryl, Attorney, Cincinnati, OH

I worked with Maria for 7 months and have a very different mindset now.  I believe the partner and the life I want are all possible.  I recognize my value and no longer have a tolerance for bad behavior, making excuses for people or going after people who are unavailable. 


What I learned is I can have everything I want and I don’t have settle.  I can set boundaries and it won’t send them away.  If they’re the right person they’ll stay.

I’m confident I’ll find a life partner.

If it’s not the current guy, then someone even better.

I feel I’m on the right path.

Kristin S., Financial Advisor, Chicago, IL (married on October 10, 2023, exactly 1 year after meeting her sweetheart)


I wasn’t having any luck in attracting the right man. I remember feeling lonely, hopeless, and like I didn’t deserve a happy ending because it would’ve happened by now. I would wake up in the middle of the night sick to my stomach, fretting about being single


After several short-term relationships over the past decade I realized I needed help.  More issues arose during this process such as my worthiness, asking the right questions, feeling ashamed about being single and coming to terms with having herpes. 

Many years ago when I shared with my therapist about the herpes, there was always a twinge or a flinch on how it will be received.  The kindness that you exude and meeting with you from a safe place, my home, allowed me to share more willingly. 


I realized I had 25 years of fear and rejection stored deep inside me.  I had so much pain I was still hanging on to.   First you met my life story with a mountain of love and grace.  You helped me see that things I perceived as failures were successful in their own ways. 


I have never felt so good about myself. I feel like I glow. I can’t remember feeling any other way.


My communication has improved, my confidence has improved. 


Ideally I was looking to fall in love and then I fell in love with myself. 


The self-love was the best part of all this.  The biggest benefit I gained was having the most successful relationship I’ve ever had.  And it’s so much deeper than that. Everything has improved.  I always felt with you that I was vibrating at a 20 instead of a 10 after we got done working together.


Tapping and creating a tree of things that I want for myself. Even allowing myself to believe that I can have them is huge. I feel worthy, beautiful, hopeful and exactly where I am supposed to be. Even if there is something that makes me feel discomfort, I have the tools to approach it differently. And I have you to reframe it and help me understand my emotions. 


I’m now successful at taking chances, I’m brave, I’m improving on stating my needs or seeking clarification and asking questions.  I’m proud of myself. I’ve improved in so many areas that I needed help with. 


I’m in love with the man I’m with but I don’t want that to be the main focus.  This was so much more meaningful. 


I’m now in the most successful relationship I’ve ever been in, in terms of communication, intimacy, common interests and values and everything.

I believe in my future. 


Everyone should hire you. Literally no one is untouched by heartache and rejection. We have all been affected by love or lack of love. Anyone who wants to attract love in their lives needs to start with themselves. It’s like the old adage “you got to love yourself first before someone else loves you”. But saying it isn’t enough. You have to do the work. It’s been enjoyable.

Kate in Chicago, IL

I was experiencing a lot of sadness, heartbroken, devastated from a recent break-up. 


I was really sad about it for quite a while and it was hard to concentrate. It negatively affected all other areas of life.  I had tried tapping on my own with so-so results.  I was meditating and doing other exercises, journaling, allowing myself to feel my feelings, then distracting myself from feelings. 


The session with you was so amazing it totally turned it around.

There was hesitation because I’m very private about my personal life.  You put me at ease right away and you couldn’t have helped me better. 


I had immediate fantastic results.  The sadness was down by 80% or so.  Dramatically.  


You’re a total alchemist with these tools.  You helped me get an outcome I couldn’t get on my own.  That one session cleared the whole thing out.  There was a little amount that needed to process on its own. 


If we hadn’t worked together I would have been in for at least a couple more months of pain.  I highly recommend anyone and everyone who’s had a breakup to work with you.

I gained my life back.  This guy had taken over my brain. I was able to reclaim that real estate again.  I could go back to all the things I’m doing without being distracted and thinking about it a lot.  I went out and saw some friends again.  Felt happier. Every part of my life benefited.

I was able to see for the first time this was the best possible outcome. It wasn’t a good fit anyway with him. 


Being able to make the assessment objectively, free of the vortex of emotions, you can make the best decisions for yourself and you’re not stuck on someone who’s not right for you.  I wish every woman had this ability and had someone like you to help her get out of this state of being stuck on the wrong person. 


It was a reminder that when you can clear out the blocks and limiting beliefs that this person is all you can have, someone who isn’t showing up consistently or showing toxic behaviors, you’re free and you can start seeing people without losing your objectivity.  If you hook on to the wrong person emotionally there’s no better predictor of your future unhappiness.  You can be in for months years and decades of pain.  If you can fix this one area and be either happily single or happily partnered, it can make all the difference in your happiness in life.  My biggest takeaway from all of this is that he just wasn’t making me happy.  Being over it was the best possible thing.  I would not have had that revelation until much later.  You allowed me to have that within 1 month. That’s just huge. 

Past heartbreak is always the biggest impediment to being successful in the future.  Being able to get over something like that in just one session was so huge.  Getting over that fear of will I meet someone else like that in the future.  I feel it’s ok and have enough foresight.  It doesn’t activate me like before. I know to handle that differently next time. You saved me a world of hurt.

I recommend you to anybody who wants to get over a past heartbreak and feel content being single until they are in a place to search again, and anyone who wants to find their ideal partner, whether they are women like me who haven’t been married, or divorced women who want to find their true life partner. People who are experiencing today’s dating culture with a mixture of confusion and despair who want to feel better while they’re looking for their right match.  It makes it easier when you can feel it’s not the end of the world and you can be happy being a single person.  Then you’re not approaching dating like “I hate being single I hope this next person is the one”….

Leslie Fox, Pro EFT™ Master Practitioner, CPMP



“Finally able to release the old relationships and the hold they had on me and opened me up to many more possibilities for partners in a relationship.”
“I identified exactly what I want in a partner/a relationship and it was not what I thought it would be!” 
“I’m easily able to sort out people who are not appropriate for me.  I’m dating higher quality people now.”

Working with Maria has been one of the most impactful things I've ever done. She gets straight to the heart of the matter and creates a compassionate and safe space to go deep and tap through all the stuff that's holding you back.


She's truly a catalyst for change and is absolutely meant for this kind of work.


I've done a LOT of personal development work and I have to say that tapping with Maria has created some of the most profound shifts and a-has that I've ever experienced -- shifts that I'd been trying to make happen for years. Wow. I loved every second of our work together and highly recommend working with her!!!

K.B., Mindset and Confidence Coach

Maria goes very deep into who have you been with and be ready to disconnect from the energy of that person. Who ar YOU now and what is YOUR life like in all aspects. How will a new partner fit into your whole life. Love yourself first, know yourself on a deep level and then you'll attract the most right person for who you authentically are. When you're open and ready he will show up.

Carol Walkner, Energy Healer and Clairvoyant Medium

I would highly recommend working with Maria!  She uses both her amazing coaching skills and her EFT training to help you move forward in life.


She creates a safe, non-judgmental space in which you can explore and let go of those past life experiences that keep you stuck. Her compassion, insights and skills are truly amazing.


L.A, RN, Pro EFT™ Coach and Practitioner


My experience with Maria Spears and E.F.T. was life changing.  As a newbie to EFT, I had no idea what to expect.  Maria gracefully answered all my questions and put my mind at ease, I was excited and looked forward to our session. Prior to the appointment, Maria sent an email with all the necessary documents explaining what to expect and prepare for. The day of the appointment just happened to follow a situation where I had been rudely interrupted by someone in front of a group of people.  I was upset, frustrated, and finding it hard to stop thinking about the event, so we decided to tap on it.

Maria gently guided me through the tapping steps, giving me plenty of time to respond and learn the tapping points, then tapped along with me. 


I recall my level of frustration was around an eight when we started, and before we started step four I realized that the intensity of the frustration had vanished.


It was magical!  I didn’t have any expectations as I didn’t know anything about EFT, and couldn’t understand how something as simple as tapping could change my views about an event, or reduce the stress and emotions surrounding it…but it did! 


My frustration and thoughts towards the event were GONE…and still are, four months later. 


I especially appreciated that Maria tapped along with me, and found this joint intention more powerful than tapping on my own. 

Thank you, Maria, for sharing and gifting me with this incredibly powerful tool. 


Karen Q., RN and Business Owner, New York

“Gained the confidence to look for and ask for what I want and need in a relationship.”
“I can be all of myself in a relationship/dating and not be afraid I’ll be rejected if I show all of myself.”
“Feeling focused, relaxed, excited and enjoying dating; feel optimistic and believe my soulmate is out there and that I will find him.”

25 years into a successful career which l started feeling unfulfilled. Maria helped me uncover what I really wanted to do more of what I had done only as an occasional escape: Travel Interpreting. As a fun brief get away, it had always brought me such joy. I thought it was impossible to be anything more than rare get away. Wow, my own belief was actually keeping me limited small unhappy. When I’m doing any kind of coaching or personal development work, I had always struggled to visualize like others seemed to do so easily and I thought was required. Thank goodness Maria skillfully played to my strengths and I experienced powerful shifts.

Three months after working with her, I felt confident to leave the security of my job of 19 years to work freelance. Within days I was booked for not only 1 week of travel interpreting, but 3 back to back weeks. Even my airfare was covered, which traditionally I had to cover!

In the last year I was paid a cumulative of 2 1/2 months as a travel interpreter (which included working outside the U.S. ). I DID pay my bills.  


I AM much happier.  My health even improved.  I used to chase jobs in order to pay bills. Now my financial fears are replaced with my new mantra “I’m paid to play”.  I’m living in a place of choice and allowing great things to chase ME down. I am choosing things that are fun and feel good. I am expanding my idea of financial possibilities.

I recommend Maria to anyone looking to:

  • Love yourself

  • Discover joy

  • Experience love and joy coming to YOU


Caryl L. “Paid to Play” in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thank you for helping me heal from a broken heart!”
“You’ve completely changed my life.”

When I met with Maria there was a chain of events that caused extreme stress.  I was experiencing sadness, muscle tension, a setback recovering from an injury. I usually deal with stress with exercise, but due to the recovery from surgery, I was very limited on exercise. 


The only hesitation I had to working with Maria was feeling vulnerable to open up.  I felt more at peace afterwards. I think it helped release tension and stress.

Since then, I have made some changes in my life to ease the amount of stress I feel and my stress levels are significantly decreased now. I still have work to do in some other areas but I feel like the most pressing issue of stress has had great improvement.  I feel more like myself.  I can relax and enjoy life. 


Everyone has something in their life they need to work through and I think Maria can give the tools to help work on those things.

Erin R., Chicago, IL

While I loved my chosen career, I kept finding myself in hostile work environments. It was taking the joy away from what I was hired to do. I would come home with migraine headaches, and had no energy to be with my family and friends. I tried meditating, shaking it off and pushing it out of my mind, and positive self-talk. During work I would often give myself pep talks, which worked some of the time. I became nervous about opening up and being vulnerable, and apprehensive about what else might occur at work.


After working with you, I felt overwhelming calmness. For a number of weeks after our sessions, the waves of anxiety I would get were minimized. It was amazing to be at peace. My spine felt straighter. I felt bigger and the issue(s) felt smaller. I didn’t fall back into the pattern of negative self-talk again at my job.


I was able to completely ignore the negativity and do what I needed to do. I’m now able to stop myself from letting any conflict weight me down, and I’m able to slough off issues more easily.


As a substitute teacher, I go to different schools every day. Now I am no longer hesitant to walk into new situations like I once was. I feel more confident to introduce myself to new people at work, and to interact with my colleagues.

You are really REALLY good at helping people work through their anxiety and the things that stall us with work, relationships, or anything else that may come up.  These tools have helped me navigate through areas I did not realize were there because I was so blocked. You taught me how to use the tools on my own.


Knowing that you’ve given me the tools to tap on my own is empowering. Your clients can take ownership instead of being dependent on you. You’re a guide down a path, and you’re allowing me to continue down my path independently. 


Meena Klein, M.A.T., Chicago, IL

I’m an older mom who recently welcomed my 3rd child.  This time it has been harder to make connections with other moms because my original group of friends has older kids now.  I am going through a life transition with all the changes of having a new baby, the changing family dynamics, balancing a business with family and going through the physical and emotional changes following birth.


I have tried EMDR, exercise, mediation, yoga and writing everything out.  I wanted to try EFT/tapping to have it as a new tool for my wellness tool box.  This is a stressful time and it was good to tap through the issue and look at it in a different way.  I was feeling overwhelm in my body and mind in this adjustment period and was able to let some of that go.

I find this is just as beneficial as a therapy session with the addition of learning the EFT tool to use it on my own.  EFT is more multifaceted and not just an intellectual approach.   It seems to go to your nervous system so you’re not reacting in the fight or flight stage. 


Maria is intuitive as a guide and helped me gain a clearer understanding.  I’m feeling more patient with the current circumstances, less hard on myself and my confidence is higher. 


I’m seeking out a supportive group of moms and planning activities together to connect.

I recommend Maria to anyone who is looking to grow, to create a change within themselves and become a better person.


Julie B., Business Owner, Chicago, Illinois

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