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A Message from a Hawaiian Goddess About Following Your Heart's Desires

This week’s Goddess card is Pele. Divine passion. The Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanos.

When you are honest with yourself and ask what your heart truly desires, what comes up for you?

Is it love, peace, joy, security?

What is it that lights you up, gets you excited, ignites your passion?

How often do you stop and ask yourself “what does my heart really want”?

To live a truly fulfilling life, you have to know what what your heart desires and be able to find enjoyment along your life’s journey regardless of whether or not you are with a partner.

This can include finding fulfillment at your job, in your career, in parenting, learning, creativity, volunteering, spirituality, music, hobbies, sports. The possibilities for feeling excitement, satisfaction, enjoyment are limitless.

Now I know this may seem like just more effort required of you when your time and energy are already limited?

Most people believe they will be happy and feel passion once they find their life partner. But the reverse is true.

If you are enjoying your passions, then you are more likely to attract and find your partner.

Why? Because when you’re enjoying the things you love, you light up from the inside out in a way that others find highly attractive and gravitate to. You’ve heard the expression “like a moth to a flame”, right?

This is a theme I discuss over and over again with my clients. I remind them that they have to fill their cup first, before they try to fill another’s cup.

When you know how to do this for yourself, to fill yourself with the love, satisfaction, peace and self-love you want to feel, you allow the other person to do this for themselves and then when the two of you meet, you are two individuals who are feeling good, uniting forces to create something even bigger.

Our lives can make us feel like we’re running low on energy reserves or even running on empty.

But the best thing we can do for our overall wellbeing and for our lives and our romantic relationships, is to honor our desires, wants, needs, dreams and passions first.

Now more than ever, filling ourselves up with what we need inside is no longer a luxury.

It’s a necessity.

Let this message from Pele spark ideas on how you can do this for yourself.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with a list of things to do.

Keep it simple and easy.

As easy as taking 1 step towards something that gives you satisfaction or pleasure.

What is this 1 thing going to be for you?

Comment below to let me know or send me a private email!

With a universe of love and support for all your heart's desires,


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