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Tune Into the Love Channel to Attract Your Soulmate

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

In my most recent blog I talked about how what you feel is more important than anything else you do to attract the partner and relationship you want.

Well what if how you feel is the key to having a mindset that attracts your soulmate and making your love search more enjoyable and easier? Would you try that?

Let's dive into the topic of feeling as the way to attract your soulmate, shall we?

Oftentimes it is not easy to imagine the future you want from the “reality” you’re living now. Right?

In fact, you can end up making the distance between what you have now and what you want feel a whole lot bigger if you force yourself to visualize or try to feel something for a future that is too different from where you are right now.

If you haven’t yet had the relationship and the partner you really want, or if you’ve had nothing but what you don’t want, it may be a big stretch to visualize something that is different from everything you’ve experienced so far.

If you’re like most people, when you try to visualize your future, the picture you have in your mind or the feeling you have about it, might seem vague and fuzzy and emotionally you don’t feel a connection to it.

Or, instead of the profound feelings of peace, fulfillment, connectedness, joy and love you would feel living life with your partner, visualizing what you want may cause you to feel emotions that are quite the opposite.

The emotions that may pop to the surface could be discouragement, hopelessness, loneliness, frustration, anger, depression and any number of the other emotions that come up any time you look at your current reality and compare it to what you want in your life that doesn’t seem possible right now. And if you're feeling these emotions when you're out there looking for love, they can actually become blocks to love and repel it!

One way to create the feelings you want to experience with a partner, is to identify other moments in your current life when you experience those emotions.

To tune into the emotions you would feel with your partner, it’s actually better if you DON’T think about a past love or someone you currently desire. In fact, you’ll want to get completely off the topic of romantic love.

Instead, you would start by Identifying moments in your daily life when you feel safe, seen, understood, loved, appreciated, connected, joyful, peaceful, loving, fulfilled or any other emotions you would want to feel with your beloved.

In your daily life, the moments when you might experience these types of emotions might be when you’re

  • With a child or a pet and feeling pure love and joy

  • Or holding or being held by a family member or friend in a long comforting embrace loving them and feeling loved

  • Looking at a breathtaking sunset feeling peaceful and content

  • Or meditating, walking in nature, dancing, praying, cooking, etc.

Take the time to notice when you are feeling these emotions in your daily life.

Doing this will help you start to shift how you’re feeling in the moment so you can align more closely with the essence of the relationship and the life you desire. In this way, you don’t have to create an image or vision in your mind that will bring up conflicting emotions and bring up potential blocks to finding your beloved.

You’ll be tuning into the frequency of love now and you won’t be waiting to feel it later when you have a romantic partner.

This is one powerful way you can generate more of the emotions of what you want and redirect your focus away from what you don’t want or away from what you’re currently feeling and experiencing.

To do this:

  1. Write down how you want to feel with your beloved (loved, cherished, safe, joyful, fulfilled, peaceful, connected, etc.)?

  2. Next, identify the people and situations in your daily life where you already feel these emotions.

  3. Then begin each day setting your intention and attention to notice these moments as they happen throughout the day. You may need to take a week or so to observe and note these moments for yourself in a journal. When these moments happen, allow yourself to linger in them a little bit longer to savor the emotions and thoughts of those moments.

  4. Another way to do this is to recall moments in the past when you felt those desired emotions and go back to those memories and spend time savoring the emotions you felt at the time. Just 1 minute a few times a day spent recalling the feelings of those moments in the past, can powerfully shift your mindset.

  5. You can actively and intentionally create such moments in your daily life by asking yourself, “how can I create moments of love and joy (using the emotions you identified for yourself in step #1 above) today”?

To attract and find a soulmate, the right partner for you, practice tuning into the emotions you want to feel when you’re living the life of your dreams with your beloved.

I refer to this as tuning into the love channel, like tuning into a radio station in your car!

Remember to always be gentle and treat yourself with the compassion you would express to a precious child. Deep down, that is who you are, precious and loved beyond measure.

Let me know what you discover as you practice tuning into the love channel!

With a universe of love and support for all your heart’s desires.



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