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Looking for the love of your life?

"Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." Rumi

You’re smart, strong, heart-centered and you live a full life. 

But something you desire deep in your soul is missing.

You're missing the partner and the extraordinary relationship you’ve always dreamed you would have. 

The one who adores you and you adore them and loves every part of you, especially the parts you don’t love about yourself, and they're not intimidated by your strength and accomplishments.


The one person in the world who truly knows and sees who you are and what’s in your heart, along with all your hopes, dreams and desires.


The one who is a compliment to your life, whose presence increases your joy and brings a sense of peace, security and fulfillment.


The one who has your back, who protects you from your fears and helps you achieve your deepest desires. 

That equal partner with whom you feel you can do everything and anything. 

If you’re sometimes wondering why you don’t yet have a partner in life or you're not sure what is going wrong in your love life

Dear lovely friend, I'm here to tell you

There’s nothing wrong with you

It’s not your destiny to be alone 

You are meant to be with the love of your life


It’s possible for you to find high quality people you want to date so you can choose the right partner for you.

I know this because I help other women like you to find love with more ease, hope and the confidence that comes from knowing the gifts they bring to their relationships.

There are specific steps you can take to finally have the amazing partner and relationship you always wanted and that is meant for you.

If you’re ready to devote your time and energy on this most important but unfulfilled part of your life,


The next step is to schedule a Soulmate Search Breakthrough call with me so we can discuss the best next steps for you so you can finally step into the best relationship of your life.

The truth is that we’re not given a manual on how to find the right partner.  And without it we end up on the same path that leads to the same results over and over again.

But here's the good news!

You can change the course of your life and finally have a life you love with your sweetheart by your side.

I know this is possible for you.

I see women like you find a love they couldn't imagine was possible for them.


It’s your time now.​  


Your future self is depending on you to take action now for your future happiness. 


Maria Spears, M.Ed.


Tel: 707.366.0201

Hello Lovely Friend,

I’m Maria Spears, I help strong, accomplished women find their right partners for the lasting partnership they've always dreamed of.  Within a sacred healing space of the heart, my clients are compassionately cared for and unconditionally accepted.   

I guide women through a powerful integrative process that is based, in part, on the steps I took to overcome divorce and heartache from a lifetime of relationships with the wrong men.  I was able to break free from old patterns, understand how a lack of knowledge and self-worth had led me to those relationships and what I needed in order to thrive in relationships and live as my authentic self moving forward. 

With this gentle guided process you:

  • Uncover the relationship patterns that prevent you from finding true love, remove attachments and heartache from past relationships and open your heart to receive the love you want

  • Attract your right partner by shining your unique light in the world 

  • Step into new relationships with unshakable confidence and the skills to create mutually fulfilling relationships

My signature 1Love™ process is offered through 1-on-1 private coaching, workshops and small group coaching programs



If you're ready now to find a partner who loves and values you

Schedule a Love Breakthrough meeting with me


We'll talk about the best next steps for you

and if you're someone I can help

I know that you were born lovable and worthy of the deepest most genuine love possible.

I have worked with women across many professions and backgrounds, both in the U.S. and outside the U.S.

"The first duty of love is to listen." Paul Tillich


How we can work together

Maria spears


Tel: 707.366.0201

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