My mission is to help you:

  • Find lifelong love

  • Let go of heartache and disappointment form the past and find your right match.


  • Break free from unhealthy past relationship patterns with the wrong men 

  • Date high quality men, enter a long-term relationship or get married


  • Discover your relationship superpowers

  • Develop unshakable confidence

  • Love all of yourself exactly as you are

  • Develop a mindset that attracts the right men and helps you create the deep intimate relationship you want

  • Live your best life as your authentic self


Hello Lovely Friend,

My name is Maria Spears and I’m a professional Love and Life Coach who compassionately guides kind hearted, accomplished women like you to find a deeply intimate and lasting love with the right partner. 


My personal recovery after the end of a 16 year marriage and the devastating consequences of divorce took me down a path of self-discovery during which I was able to overcome heartache, sadness and disappointment from a lifetime of relationships with the wrong men, break free from old patterns that resulted in unhappy relationships, understand how a lack of knowledge and self-worth had led me to those relationships and what I need (that I didn't know at the time) in order to thrive in relationships and live as my authentic self. 


If you’re single or divorced and you're ready to find your lifelong lovethe right person with whom to share your life, I invite you to a complimentary Discover Your Love Map call to see how I can help.  We'll talk about where you are in your journey to find a life partner and what the best next steps for you are.  Please contact me so we can get you on a new road to love!



You’re a lovely, intelligent, accomplished, kind hearted woman who is grateful to have created a great life for yourself.  The only thing really missing is that you just haven’t found your perfect match, your partner in life and your happily ever after.  You know you're a great catch. You believe that true love exists but doubt the right one is out there for you. 


How we can work together

Maria spears


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