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How to Spice Up Your Halloween...With or Without a Date

Halloween and Mardi Gras are two of my favorite holidays!!!

How about you? Do you still get a kick out of Halloween?

I was thinking today about the ways that Halloween can spice up your life (and your love life).

My thoughts took me back to Halloween 2019. I had decided to play a trick on a dear friend. We had plans to go out for dinner. So when I arrived at her office to pick her up, I was wearing a blond long-haired wig. This blond wig was half my size, it was so big, almost like Dolly Parton’s! Mind you, I was still wearing the usual winter jacket that she always saw me. I thought she would recognize it right away. The sight of me was quite hysterical.

I asked a woman at the reception desk for her help to surprise my friend with a Halloween trick. She agreed to help me keep the secret from my friend.

When my friend came out, I walked up to her and with a disguised voice, I asked her if she was “Mrs. K”. She responded “yes, I am” in her usual friendly and genuine way, even though I could see that she was looking intently at me. For about 5 seconds she did not recognize me. Then a big smile came across her face as she realized who I was. She said she had been looking at me because she was trying to figure out how she knew me and couldn’t remember my name!!!!

We laughed about it for some time. She loved how I had tricked her and frankly, how funny I looked as a blond!

Here’s what this story means for you.

Dating can be so uncomfortable. It can be difficult to really relax and have fun with it.

So this is how Halloween is a great opportunity to inject more fun, playfulness, humor and joy into your dating and love life.

If you’re single and not going to any Halloween events, you can make plans to have dinner with a friend or friends and agree to change at least one thing about your appearance. Ask everyone to wear a disguise or costume for that evening.

In your dating life, you can do something similar with a date. Ask them to dress up with you for the date or surprise them by showing up in a costume. It will spice up the date and be a great conversation starter!

If you’re currently dating someone, there are even more ways this can spice up your love life. Now, I’m not going to give you all the details here. I’ll leave that to your imagination to come up with a “trick or treat” for your sweetie. Wearing costumes and assuming different personas will spice up your Halloween, right?

Even when you’re out and about on your own on Halloween weekend, wearing a costume or disguise of any kind will be a great conversation starter. It's a win-win for everyone. You'll have fun with it and you’ll be injecting fun into other people’s day!

The point is, you can choose to spice up any day with the elements of playfulness, humor and fun. This creates laughs and lifts everyone up around you and invites them to join in on the fun!

So that was my brief blurb on spicing up your Halloween!!!

What are you going to do to spice up this Halloween???

Have a spooktacular Halloween!

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