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December 31st 2020

As 2021 approaches, as I think about what we all might need more of at this time, a couple things came to mind.

When our inner world, our minds, emotions and body need more serenity and rest, if we make small changes to our home environment those changes can have the effect of providing comfort and soothing us from the outside to the inside.

Even tiny intentional adjustments in our homes help bring more feelings of warmth, comfort and peace during these winter months.

Some ideas I’m playing with at my home, which my 2 kittens are teaching me about are:

• Creating comfy places in my living room to sit and read or curl up with ultra-soft blankets and pillows.

• Adding lights (LED candles for me since the kitties chew all the cords and love to knock things off of tables) to the rooms where you spend most of your time.

• Lighting a fireplace, if you have one.

• Setting out pictures of loved ones or greeting cards from loved ones to feel their love around you.

• Putting flowers or flowering plants around the house such as Amaryllis, Christmas cactus

• Playing soothing music. I love harp music and Native American flute music. Or you may wish to play Gospel choir music, classical music or something else that inspires you and soothes your heart.

Finally, I’d like to share some thoughts I’m having today in the final hours of 2020. You may wish to ask these questions of yourself.

1. To whom did you express your love in 2020?

2. From whom did you receive love in 2020?

3. What are the gifts that 2020 brought for which you are grateful?

4. How do you want your love life to be in 2021?

I’m wishing you a universe of blessings, love and support for all your heart’s desires, now and always.

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