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You are strong and mighty like Sekhmet, the Egyptian sun goddess

For inspiration, I often like to pull a card from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. The Goddess card I pulled today is Sekhmet, the Egyptian sun goddess, whose name means strong and mighty. Sekhmet is fiercely protective and is connected with lions.

This card invites you to call upon Sekhmet to shore up your strength and power. If you wish to read more about her from this card deck, visit this website.

Continuing the theme of my last blog on “feeling” your way to your desired relationship, the message from Sekhmet is:

“You are stronger than you think and your strength assures a happy outcome”.

This message asks you to avoid underestimating yourself or engaging in thinking that is not supportive of yourself and your dreams.

Focus on anything that helps you to be mentally, emotionally and physically strong. Speak to yourself using words that demonstrate you believe in yourself.

You have every reason to believe in yourself. All the evidence in your life demonstrates that you are strong and fierce.

See yourself in this new light; standing in your beautiful feminine strength (or masculine strength if you’re a man reading this).

See the most ideal image that a lover would see in you.

What strengths do you want to focus on in yourself?

Are there qualities would you like to practice trying on?

Here’s a fun way to play with this.

  • Pretend you’re a child who is taking on the superpowers of one of your superheroes. 😊

  • Notice how you feel when you stand and hold the posture of your superhero.

  • Do this several times throughout the day.

Remember to keep this light-hearted, playful and fun for yourself, just like children do!!!

And notice what happens next… and be sure to write to me at to tell me what you notice!

With a universe of love and support for all your heart's desires,


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