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Top 12 Places to Meet OTHER SINGLES Over the Holidays

Updated: Feb 21

top 12 places to meet singles image is a women sitting by herself iat a table. She is turned around to talk to a man behind her at another table.

The #1 question women ask me is “where do I find men?”

Since we’re stepping into a prime season for meeting new people and sparking romance, I thought I’d share some suggestions on best places to meet other singles during the holidays!

OK so here goes.

First, let me preface everything I’m going to say with this recommendation.

Wherever you go over the holiday season, the most important thing to remember is to look up and smile and make eye contact with people.

Most of all, refrain from looking down at your phone. When men see you looking down at your phone, the signal they receive is that you’re not open to meeting or having a conversation with them.

The top places to meet other singles over the holidays are ….

1. Holiday events/parties – Single and married men go to these at work, with friends, etc. You never know who might show up and you always want to keep in mind that even the married or attached men know someone who is single, divorced or widowed. When you’re attending a holiday event or gathering, just enter the room with a smile and begin by talking to one person at a time.

2. Volunteering: At work, your community or place of worship, there are always food, clothing and toy drives for donations of essentials for those in need. There are also fund-raising events where you can volunteer. These are places to meet men who value giving to and helping others, which is a trait you might be looking for in a partner.

3. Shopping – Men need to buy holiday gifts for their families. Among the crowds of people out there right now, there are also many men at the stores and shopping malls. While you’re going over your shopping list or standing in a check-out line, take a look around you and notice who’s there. There’s always something you can say to start conversation. While shopping, men stop at food courts to take a break and fuel up. Some stores attract more men than others. These are places you probably go to as well.

Sporting goods stores – like electronics stores, these places attract men. Men are in them all the time buying running shoes, weights or gym equipment for themselves, the men in their family or their kids. A tip about men: they love nothing more than giving you advice if you ask them. To get things started, just go up and ask a man his opinion on something you are thinking of buying.

Electronics stores – Whether they’re buying holiday gifts or returning items, whether or not you are already tech savvy, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to ask for advice on items you’re looking at. The Apple store and BestBuy are examples.

4. Grocery and liquor stores –around dinner time is prime time to find single men. Many of them don’t cook for themselves and others love cooking, so they can be found around the prepared foods section picking out a dinner to go or specialty wines and cheeses, the meat and seafood sections.

5. Coffee shops, Starbucks, Panera – When I’m out shopping or doing errands, I often stop at Panera or coffee shops to have lunch or dinner. Lots of men do too. You can always ask someone what he’s eating. Men are happy to share their opinions.

6. Local restaurants – On weeknights, many single men can be found dining at the bar. Go for a glass of wine and a meal either by yourself or with a friend to a restaurant people your age go to. Another stranger eating solo will likely welcome company.

7. Happy Hours: Many restaurants offer a happy hour. There are a lot of professionals who go to these. Why not you? Even if you’re not a drinker a happy hour after work is a fun social gathering with work friends.

8. Sports events – such as basketball, football or hockey games.

9. Sports activities, outdoor or indoor activities: In cold climates, think of skiing, skating, the health club/gym, yoga classes, pickleball, bocce ball.

10. Live music venues or concerts – One of the most common activities that single men will list on their dating profiles is live music. The same is true for other types of shows, theatre and the movies.

11. Home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s – Men fix things in their homes, especially if they have time off from work over the holidays or they’re decorating the home. If you see a man in one of these places, ask him for his advice on some DIY project you’re thinking about.

12. And online – Finally, online dating is a great place for finding men of any age. Singles will feel lonely during the holidays and they’ll want to do special holiday things so they’re going to be online looking for a fun companion. These days, online dating has skyrocketed with both men and women looking for a committed long-term relationship.

Remember… it’s worth making the effort to speak to men you come in contact with.

They do need some encouragement to approach you, so smile, ask them questions and thank them for any help they give you.

Men want to be of service, so if one of them offers for you to get in line in front of him at the grocery store check-out, graciously accept the offer, thank him and continue a conversation…perhaps about the holidays, or an item you notice in his grocery cart.

And, before you go out of the house, select clothing you enjoy and really feel great in. Be intentional with how you feel. You can do this by, telling yourself that you expect to encounter friendly, kind and interesting men everywhere you go.

Smile and be ready to be friendly with anyone you meet!

You never know…

Your sweetie may be the next person you run into!!!

Let me know what happens as you try this!!! I love to hear the details.

Visit my website to learn how I help women level up their relationships and find their soulmates.

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