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Is All The Dating Advice Out There Confusing? ...

Are you completely confused by all of the advice out there from the love and dating experts?

Or from your family and acquaintances who tell you what worked for them and how they found their partner way back when the internet and online dating were a new thing (or didn’t even exist yet)?

It’s painful and frustrating to receive these unsolicited comments. I know it causes you to feel sad (and even embarrassed) that you haven’t found your life partner yet. The people around you care about you and want you to be happily coupled with someone, but they don’t understand what you’re going through and how demoralizing dating can be today.

When you’re telling yourself that it’s never going to happen for you, I want to remind you that:

  • You are completely and totally lovable and worthy of the deepest soul satisfying love imaginable.

  • There is nothing wrong with you because you haven’t found your special someone yet.

  • A high percentage of married people are regretful about the partner they’ve settled for and are secretly very unhappy (and actually envy that you still have the chance to find the right person for you!).

  • What if you’re THE SMART ONE and this long sad, frustrating, painful journey to find love and the actions you’re taking are leading you straight to the right partner (and sparing you from a life with someone who is wrong for you, not to mention the devastating emotional and financial consequences of divorce)?

I’ve seen people find love at every age, in every circumstance you can imagine and I know that you can find love too.

Don’t leave this most important part of your life up to chance, though. Commit yourself to give it the priority you would give to your career, your social life and your loved ones.

YOU are your most beloved person and YOU deserve all the happiness in the world.

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