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When you're not quite ready to enter the dating world...

Not ready to enter the dating world yet? Do what the birds and bees are doing now!

Maybe you’re thinking about putting yourself out in the dating world this spring, but you’re not moving forward just yet. The days are already longer and spring is only weeks away. Finally!!!

Suddenly you realize it will be summer again before you know it.

Where do you want to be by this summer? Do you want to be meeting new and interesting people to enjoy all the summer activities you love?

Do you want to be in a budding romance or exclusive with an amazing new love?

The good news is we're just moving into March

and you have time to get yourself ready so you can feel confident and excited to enter the dating scene.

So what is your plan to get yourself ready?

Look, I really get it. Putting yourself out there to date is daunting enough and you may be thinking that we still have Covid restrictions to think about. Maybe you’re thinking you now have this extra Covid weight you have to lose before you’re willing to put yourself out there. You probably want to buy some new clothes since nothing except for your sweatpants fits you right now. Or you’re working even longer hours than before Covid started. Or you don’t have the energy to do this right now because you’re exhausted from taking care of children, aging parents or simply getting through each day in this new reality.

Whatever you’re doing now. If you want to be in a committed relationship in the near future, I’d like to encourage you with some suggestions on steps you can take now to get yourself ready to date again.

First of all, set a date to get started and tell someone close to you, who supports you in your search, that you’re committing to preparing yourself to date soon.

Think of this as time you will be preparing for love. While every part of nature and most humans are still in winter hibernation mode, seeds are still dormant underground, you get to allow yourself to go within and nurture yourself right now.

Think of the preparation activities you’re doing as tilling the soil into which you will be planting seeds for new love. Or you can think of this as preparing your nest just as birds and other creatures do in the spring.

So these are things we humans can do to prepare for renewal, rebirth and metamorphosis.

  • Clean and declutter your home environment (added benefit is the extra space you’ll be creating in your home for you to share with someone special)

  • Focus on 1 or 2 self-care routines you’ve been meaning to do, such as

exercising outdoors, strength training

increasing daily intake of vegetables/fruits in your diet


getting more sleep

  • Read a book that’s been on your reading list for awhile

  • Seek out books, music, art, films, podcasts that light up your heart with inspiration and pleasure

  • Create a vision board of what you want in a lifelong relationship and the life you want to have with your partner

  • Resume an old hobby or creative project or try a new one; something you enjoy so much you can get lost in it for hours

  • Update your wardrobe with a few items that reflect your true personality. Maybe a haircut or something to refresh how you look on the outside

You’re probably wondering why these things are important in the search for love?

Well, what you’re doing is preparing and fertilizing the soil for new love to grow. In this case you are preparing your body, mind and heart for the love you want to attract, give and receive. And this starts with nourishing your body, mind and spirit by doing things that energize and refresh you, reawaken you, bring out your true self, so that your unique light in the world can shine.

If you think of yourself as a lighthouse in the sea of love, when your light is switched on, ships in the sea can navigate to find you. However, if your light is dim or turned off, the ships will pass by without noticing you and they will continue their journey towards another bright light.

The journey to love starts with discovering and filling yourself with what you love, want and need so that your inner light, your spirit, always shines bright in the world.

Those were a few ideas to get you started. Now get ready to take action.

What 1 thing will you do to get started????

Finally, enlist an accountability buddy, so you can support each other in moving forward with your goals.

With a universe of love and support for your heart’s desires,



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