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Yesterday was Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day and each year on Earth Day we are called to celebrate our earth, the place we all inhabit, and to consciously choose how we will be responsible custodians of her resources.

Over the last weeks, on my daily walks in the neighborhood, I have the pleasure of spending more time in the natural world where I’ve been noticing how the plants, flowers and trees are transforming, growing, and adorning my neighborhood with waves of fresh colors of blue, yellow, green and pink. Birds of all kinds are singing in animated conversation from before dawn until after sunset. Rabbits, squirrels and insects are all engaged in their annual spring rituals.

As I notice the fresh buds on bushes and trees and newly sprouted grass, I’m asking myself, what seeds, what thoughts and plans am I planting now to harvest later this year. What am I planning to create and grow out of this coronavirus period of isolation and introspection?

Will I choose to co-create a world of love, compassion, generosity, abundance, community and unity? Or will I choose fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, division, self-protection, scarcity? I suspect most of us are reevaluating our priorities during this period and those priorities may be very different from those we used to live by prior to this time.

My question to you is “what seeds are you planting right now, in this spring season, for the life you wish to experience in the months and years ahead?” It may difficult to imagine the future in this moment because your mind may travel only to the fearful places.

The answers to these questions won’t come from your logical mind. They will come as whispers from your heart. And so in these quieter moments, I ask you, what is your heart saying to you? What are your heart’s deepest desires?

I invite you to spend time outside among earth’s creatures and allow yourself to be open to new answers for how we can create a future that honors and cherishes ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, the planet and all its creatures.

Stay safe and well.



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