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How Coronavirus Is Good For Your Love Life:

Yep! I did say “good”. Who knew it would take a pandemic to shake things up in the dating world this way! Here’s what I’m finding so far.

1. It’s easier to clearly distinguish now between open-hearted emotionally available generous souls versus closed, emotionally unavailable, self-centered souls. We’re all anxious and fearful right now, but some are choosing to face it all with love and compassion more than with fear.

2. The ways singles are getting to know one another now involve the very basics of phone conversation and meeting outdoors in nature. The focus is on two people talking and very few distractions.

3. Sexual intimacy and physical contact is being postponed while they truly get to know one another without the pressure and the risk of their judgement being clouded by attraction, chemistry and sex. Everyone is free to truly seek ways to know others at a level very few of us have ever experienced, including those who were already saving sexual intimacy for marriage.

4. Soulmates recognize each other more easily based on their common values, beliefs and goals, backed up with actions and not just words.

5. Soulmates will be able to recognize each other instantly and easily now that the veil has been lifted and most are allowing themselves to be vulnerable in a way never seen before except in times of crisis.

6. The veil is being lifted and all deception, lies, lack of ethics and morality, are now exposed under a spotlight for all to see and most humans are rejecting the old ways of being and anything that is not aligned with compassion and respect for others.


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